British Television - The Best TV Shows from England

One of the most common past times of people all around the world is watching television. For people in the United States some of the most well known television shows are produced and broadcast primarily in the US. The popularity of television produced in Britain, however, is gradually starting to gain popularity. A handful of television shows from “over the pond” have started to gain momentum as they are shown on American TV stations and as reinvented versions of the shows are made specifically for American cable TV stations. This page will talk about some of the most popular British television shows being shown on American TV channels.

Doctor Who - One of the longest running TV shows in history is Doctor Who. This program follows the Doctor and his companions as they travel through time and space having adventures. The series began in 1963 and continues to be a favorite among people all around the world. The Doctor is a time lord from the planet Gallifrey who has the ability to regenerate into a new form when he dies. During the course of the show there have been 11 Doctors, each portrayed by a different actor.

Torchwood - This spin off of Doctor Who follows Captain Jack Harkness, a character who made his first appearance on Doctor Who, and his team of alien hunting coworkers as they do their part to keep England safe. The series first aired in 2006 on BBC Three in the UK. In the United States the series could originally be seen on BBC America. After the conclusion of Season 3 of Torchwood, the Starz HD network began showing new episodes of Torchwood.

Robin Hood - The story of Robin Hood is a story that has been redone many times, but this 2006 TV series used a young face and a sense of humor to draw in its audience. The show is no longer in production, but its three seasons were well received by audiences in both England and America. The show was cancelled after the main actor made the decision to leave the show and the number of regular viewers decreased.

Being Human - What happens when you have a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire living in the same house? This TV show explores some of what may happen when these three supernatural beings live together and attempt to be seen as human by holding jobs and making friends. This British show was remade for the SyFy network featuring a different cast of actors playing the same characters (though they were renamed) and follows essentially the same story line.

The IT Crowd - This British sitcom follows three staff members from Reynholm Industries, all parts of the company's IT department. The show started in 2006 and lasted four seasons. The show makes a lot of references to geek culture throughout its four seasons.

Sherlock - In 2010, the BBC took another well known story and turned it into a TV series. Sherlock follows the characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories as they work as freelance detectives solving crimes in modern day London. The second season debuted in 2012. The show was an instant success and has received numerous positive reviews.

Primeval - This television show follows a group of scientists as they research and track rips in time (temporal anomalies) and make sure that the creatures that escape through the anomalies don’t cause any problems for the people of England. The show began in 2007 and a Canadian spin off series titled Primeval: New World was announced in 2011.

Absolutely Fabulous - Another long running, though much more sporadically broadcast series than Doctor Who is Absolutely Fabulous. This TV series began in 1992 and has gone on and off air since its debut. The show follows middle aged women desperately attempting to stay young by following the latest fads no matter how bizarre.